Mexico's First Gay Marriage Halted

Senior and senior Víctor Manuel Aguirre and Víctor Fernando Urias tried to marry back in November, 2014 but a bomb scare at Mexico City Hall stopped them short.  So the pair took their plight to the Mexican Supreme Court.

With favorable decision in hand, Victor and Victor rented their tuxedos and packed up their flowers and finger food and trekked to Baja to take a second shot.

But Baja official Angelica Guadalupe Gonzalez Sanchez who conducts compulsory pre-marital interviews says the pair are 'too insane to wed' and 'suffer from madness' and refused to certify them.

Did you know gay sex was decriminalized in Mexico in 1871?  Seems like 144 years is long enough to wait, doesn't it folks?  Heck, all gays wanna do is be miserable like he rest of us!

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