Driving While Woman

Who drives best, men or women?

The incontrovertible truth is women are better drivers than men.

There are two exceptions.  Woman abuse cell phones in traffic and do the one-handed lipstick trick more than men.

But when it comes to stepping on the gas, driving drunk, road rage, profanity, territory marking or just plain being a dick behind the wheel - men have no match in a female. 

Here are some fun facts to fester (source):
  • 94% of all fatal or major bodily injury crashes: men
  • 27% less likely to have an accident: women
  • 15% lower insurance costs: women
  • 3 to 1 DUI, reckless driving, seat belt tickets: men
  • 2 to 1 speeding, stop signs, failure to yield: men
Some guys readily accept reality, others will want to get even...see what we mean?

Worst Female Drivers
Worst Male Drivers