Dummy's Path To US Citizenship

Since Obama hands out stay-in-USA-free cards who's gonna humiliate themselves flunking a US Citizenship test?

Well, legal immigrants wait years in long lines and study for, take and pass the 15 question test with at least a 60% score.

So why not make high school seniors born in the USA pass the test?

Michigan principals opposes the idea, sputtering: 'we...have a long-standing position that high school content standards need to be focused on career and college readiness.' So getting kids ready for college precludes the basics?

Here are the dreaded fifteen questions (click answers below).

1. How many amendments to the Constitution? 12, 27, 35 or 42
2. How long is a Senator's term? 4, 8, 6 or 10
3. Name the national anthem. America The Beautiful, Star-Spangled Banner, God Bless America
4. Which two are the longest rivers? Ohio, Missouri, Mississippi, Rio Grande
5. Who is Chief Justice? Hugo Black, John Roberts, Ruth Ginsberg, Antonin Scalia
6. What are first 10 amendments called? Bill of Rights, Ten Directives, Preamble
7. What Rights In First Amendment? To Vote, Freedom of Speech, Keep And Bear Arms
8. Why the Declaration of Independence? Womens Suffrage, Break With Britain, Frees Slaves
9. What is one purpose of the Constitution? Define Branches, Protect Rights, Establish Treaties
10. When was Eisenhower a general? WW I, Civil War, WW II, Crimean War
11. Name one state bordering Canada. California, Idaho, Ohio or Massachusetts
12. What was Cold War about? Trade Policy, Communism, Climate change, Slavery
13. Which country was an ally in WW II? Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy
14. What territory did USA buy from France in 1803? Alaska, Louisiana, California, Quebec
15. When was the U.S. Constitution written? 1776, 1812, 1787, 1789