Nuclear Power Myths

Nuclear power is one of the favorite whipping boys for leftists who deal in fantasy and myth and not scientific or technical facts.

Why care? 

Because nuclear power has no competition if your goal is to truly clean up the planet and make electricity cheap enough to power cars, planes, trains and factories.

The Angle figures no Thanksgiving would be complete without a list of myths and facts about nuclear power.

Is one of yours among these ten?
  1. Radiation: You get 200 times less in a year than from a single cross country airline flight.
  2. Bomb: Nuke plants cannot explode. 
  3. Environment: Nukes have a ZERO carbon footprint and make no noise or traffic congestion.
  4. Safety: No one has died or been injured in the whole history of the US nuclear industry.
  5. Waste: All the used nuclear fuel since the first reactor went live would fill a football field less than 10 yards deep, and 96 % of this 'waste' can and will be recycled in Gen IV plants.
  6. Popularity: As of 9-2013 82% want nukes, 1 in 5 homes/business get power from a nuke.
  7. Chernobyl: Type reactor never built in USA.  The increase in cancer incidence has been too small to measure.  Far more get cancer from air pollution and tobacco use in a year.
  8. Transport:  Thousands of shipments no leaks or cracks in whole history of industry.
  9. Half-life: 99% of waste 300 years. 99% is recyclable.
  10. Oil: Wanna get off oil, nukes can make that happen overnight.  Electric cars are a reality, so are electric trains.  But unless you power them with nukes you are STILL killing the planet.
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