Halle Berry's Race Rant

Halle Berry had a kid with French model Gabriel Aubry.  Little Nahla Ariela Aubry hit the gene lottery but struck out on parental behavior.

Berry and Aubry use their daughter like a Japanese Kendo Stick whacking each other over petty differences, money, and even what 'race' the kid is supposed to be...

Berry's court complaint alleges Aubry highlighted and flat-ironed Nahla's curly hair to make her look white, something Berry says could inflict 'potential psychological and physical damage.'

Berry managed to miss her court date so the judge ordered BOTH parents to refrain from changing the kid's hair - a decision that pissed Halle off and made her admit, 'I feel like she's black. I'm black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.'

The one-drop rule is from the 19th century citing any person with 'one drop' of African blood is deemed a 'black' or 'Negro' person.

Little Nahla is being damaged alright, but not from flat-ironing her hair...