Minneapolis Schools Stop Suspensions

The Minneapolis school system has 32,000 students. Over 70% are black and Hispanic.

Black school superintendent Bernadeia Johnson says too many 'kids of color' are being suspended.  So she wants to 'disrupt' local school authority and personally more deeply 'probe' the reasons for each suspension.

Johnson claims black student behavior resulting in suspension would not get a white student booted from school.  Really?  That's the litmus test?

"Changing the trajectory for our students of color is a moral and ethical imperative, and our actions must be drastically different to achieve our goal of closing the achievement gap by 2020," Johnson pontificated.

Wonder what behaviors white students are getting away with that get black kids in trouble?  Maybe the 'knockout game?'   Or how about flashing gang signs or sagging (exposing boxer shorts)?  Oh wait, those are black kid behaviors...dismissed...

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