Fat News Reporter Gets Apology

Remember the Randy Newman song short people are...?  Left-winger Randy is allowed to poke fun at people because only liberals are allowed to denigrate people.

WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston is a TV news whale.

A viewer wrote a letter complaining that Livingston was not a 'suitable example for this community's young people' - particularly girls - because her 'physical condition hadn't improved for many years'.

The letter went viral.  Livingston got defensive.  The station gave her air time to call the guy a 'bully.'

Jenny chose to deflect rather than fess up and admit to her rotund reporting.  The road to thinness begins by serious self-appraisal and honesty.

The truth is fat people, not just those a little overweight, but sloven blubber-butts are a pathetic manifestation of gluttony.  Why coddle or cut them a break?  Excuses such as big bones, or over active glands, or astrological predestiny are myths.  You are fat because you CHOOSE to eat too much food.

Remember, people can't help being short, but they CAN stop the face food frenzy.  Right Randy?  Oh yea, the letter writer has since apologized to Jenny so she can go on being a fat-body now unfettered.

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