Guinness: 528-lb Female Sex-Hose Beast

Guinness says “World’s Fattest Woman” is Pauline Potter.

Aside from tipping the scales at over 500 pounds the massive lady lost 98-lbs during a self-reported sex marathon with her ex-husband Alex.

Pauline's ex-hubby did not leave her due to her absurd size, but because he didn't get along with her son.  When the goof read that Pauline 'won' the Guinness record for world's fattest female he hurried back - and that's when all the 'big' bumping started.

'I hadn’t had sex in three years,' Pauline confessed, 'but we did it six times...he took charge as I couldn’t move much, but he was so attentive. I orgasm every time.” Pauline's sex confessions are way to much information, but wait....

Alex weighs-in at a fragile 140-lbs.  Starting to get the impression now?

“It’s hard to position her and find her pleasure spots as she has a lot of fat in the pelvic area,” Alex illuminates. “But it turns me on knowing she’s satisfied. Although once, when she got on top, I couldn’t breathe.”

There it is, Alex is like a male version of a death star circling the sun in a cellophane wet suit. Pauline is using Alex like a Pilates exercise machine. “I still eat Big Macs, but I’ll choose between fries or nuggets,” Pauline said. “I tell Alex he needs to visit more so he can help me shed the pounds quicker.”

Heads-up Alex in case you missed the obvious. Get your narrow rear outta there before you wake up squashed under a quarter ton of female flattening you like a coke can under a car tire.

Encourage Pauline to get a gastric bypass instead.  Nature did not have you two in mind when the sex dealie was setup.

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