Study: Fat Faced Men Are Racist

The era of racism is upon us and so science is hot on the trail unmasking the vermin before they have a chance to breed.

Remember, a racist is below a pedophile, serial cop killer, wife beater, drug dealer, gang banger, extortionist, suicide bomber, rapist, armed robber, crack addict, hate monger or vegetarian.  At least that's how the race-hustlers peddle and proliferate their poppycock.

Eric Hehman at the University of Delaware did a study he says proves men with faces wider than higher ratios (fWHR) are more likely to be dogged, recalcitrant, relentless, reckless racists than men with not wide faces.

Hehman's theory insists fat-faced males are hyper testosterone cases thus prone to aggressive behavior. Aggressive behavior is associated with brutish, beastly, boorish, racist monsters, of course.

Other researchers seemed to divert from Eric's indictments surmising the wide-short faced guys are really independent thinkers who resists political correctness and simply say what they think, even if it sounds bad.

How many remember the Nazi's Eugenics studies? Nazi's claimed face shapes proved who was not 'aryan' enough.  Are the liberal academics trying to repeat history?  And what  happens to the fat-faced guys once they are tagged and bagged?

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