Fat Friends Make You Fat

Researchers from Loyola University found thin students who make fat friends grow fatter.  The opposite was also true.  Thin students with thin friends stayed thin, and even lost weight.

The principle is similar to pet owners who come to resemble their pets.

The study indicates that members of social groups mimic behavior and appearance even to the point of molding a fat body. 'Our results support the operation of both homophily and influence,' said Dr David Shoham.

Homophily?   That's when people find and bond with others like themselves.  So, if you want to stay thin, get thin, be confident you can one day be thin stay away from people who look more like a hippo than a gazelle.

Use the same wisdom combating any anti-social, unhealthy life-style choice.  Choose friends as carefully as you choose a spouse, a pet, a house, a car, or a job.  But if you are already one of the 'ugly' or 'fat' ones yourself then you are the desperate one groping for higher quality - good luck.

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