Rage Ridden Rabble Threaten To Kill Romney

The 60s anti-war movement pitted left-wing radicals against left-winger war mongers in the Johnson administration.

The Occupy goofs raped each other and broke windows before withering when winter hit.  Occupy didn't know that Obama's class-warfare rhetoric is puny political demagoguery.

After four years and three debates the embattled Obama has run his clock out.

Is anyone surprised Obama's gnomes are making death threats against Romney as the momentum shifts?  Losing is unthinkable for the Messiah apparently.

The libbie-media's double standard downplays the buzz naturally - their 'narrative' has no room for the tawdry reactions of the rage ridden rabble.

Obama's administration has a record going after veterans and peaceful American dissenters. But so far the Secret Service seems limp on the Twitter threats.

The violence card is one of the many played from the bottom of the Democrat's deck of cards.

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