Obama Romney Rumble Round Two

Obama was aggressive, pushy, rude, defensive, full of campaign slogans, talking points, and even lied a few times.  Obama suddenly forgot about the dead ambassador video-blame-game gambit he ran. 

Candy Crowley conjured a couple of stinging follow-ups targeting Obama. Had she come to be a pro and not a partisan?  Oops Crowley joined Obama in the big lie - Obama did NOT, repeat, NOT say the ambassador death was an act of terror.

Romney wasn't markedly different than the first debate.   The venture capitalist turned politician repeated why he wants to be president - to make jobs.  Romney pounded Obama's record and asked rhetorically whether Obama wanted to stick to his big lie about Benghazi.  Obama said to check the transcript.  We did, Obama lied.

The two men circled each other across the floor, gesturing angrily with facial twists and fingers pointed.  Crowley interrupted the flow checking Romney without reason and allowing Obama to interrupt Romney 30:1 times.  And reminded viewers about her liberal bias and willingness to be an ally to the embattled Obama.

Since Obama got louder, angrier, and more physical his 'bots' will insist he won.  But Obama didn't convince the independent voters to ignore his record and reelect him, so he lost.  After all the whole purpose of these debates are to go after the critical undecided independents.

And so it goes.  The polls will poll and the pundits will prattle - but twenty days and two-hundred million votes from now only one man will be standing.  And that's how it's always been.

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