Obama Sending Volts Not Guards To Embassies

The ambassador killing in Libya is symbolic of Obama's mishandling of the Middle East.  A slowly building sense of outrage is emerging as we all learn how Obama is manifesting his dangerous view that Islamo-Fascists can be reasoned with, even appeased.

Romney spanked Obama resoundingly in last nites Denver debate.

Obama started to sputter 'corporate welfare' nonsense on oil subsidies.  Romney quickly pinpointed Obama's double standard regarding 'green energy' give-a-ways.

Obama has blown $100 billion bucks on a dozen bankrupt green companies.  Most often Obama's political pals are recipients of much of that cash given their connections to failures like Solyndra, Fisker and Evergreen Technology.

But the central symbol of Obama's failed green push is the GM Volt.  By any standard the Volt is an epic automotive failure.  Obama has both propped up the mother company and wasting billions more taxpayer cash buying Volts himself.

Under Leon Panetta the Pentagon has ordered 1,500 Chevy Volts as part of the DoD 'green initiatives' program. There is a DoD green initiatives program? Yep. And while Obama is slashing both DoD spending and Embassy security funding Volts are being sent to Embassies instead of Marines and guards.

Anyone wanna bet the dead Ambassador would have chosen a few Marine guards over a Chevy Volt?

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