Babbling Joe Biden Blows Debate

The 'Clash in Kentucky' proved just how deeply senile and immature Joe 'one ball' Biden is in real life.

in contrast Ryan showed how patient, sharp, fact-filled, and funny he is.

The 90 minutes was filled cringing as Biden vomited in his own mouth.  The old man wasn't funny.  In fact, he didn't show up to debate.

The snarling, capped tooth, scared dog spin machine was let out in full force. Biden bullied, interrupted, spun, lied, finger waved and smirked his way through the night.

As one writer put it, Biden's behavior mimicked the entire Obama/Biden tenure in office.  In the end, Biden's 'show', and the biased host sitting idly by while he carried out his antics made the whole thing more a spectacle than an exercise in providing voters with information.

Checking with Biden before the debate might have saved air-time since bloviating Joe was not showing up to defend or explain his record it became quickly clear.

Ryan had to fight through the interruptions to get out the positions Romney/Ryan are offering.

Voters will just need to decide for themselves whether Obama/Biden's record is worth rewarding the pair with another term.

After all, Biden proved no one else could be worse, this guy should have stayed in the Senate.  But most of us already knew that.

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