California Gas Gouging Greenbacks

WTF is happening to gas prices in California?  Gas has spiked a buck in a week and now hovers over $5 for regular - a pair of records breached in the last two days alone.


The pundits, pontificators, prattlers and pawns come a running when stuff like this happens.  But none of them have the causes correctly cornered.

The brutal truth is California cuts their own throats every chance they get.  Under an attorney general in California refineries were being sued and shutdown between 2007 and 2011 - his name was Jerry Brown!

California hates oil, nuclear power, and just about anything that keeps things running smoothly.  And from time to time, like now, they pay a big price for their idiocy.  What's extra fun is how the goofs can't figure out why all of this is going on.  Talking heads are blaming a couple of refinery fires, laughing.

California is special all right.  After decades of so-called environmental activism the state has put themselves into a fragile and dangerous predicament.  Gasoline in California is blended in a particular way just for them - so when supply gets tight they have no where else to turn.

Californians always pay the nations highest for their fuel in large part because they actually ship their own oil to Japan to be refined, then have it shipped back in a 'special blend' gasoline.  The costs are ludicrous of course - all avoidable.

Have fun California, frankly, no one outside your state feels one ounce of pity for you.  You do it to yourselves!

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