The 2012 October Surprise Revealed

Just after the 1972 Nixon v McGovern presidential election a grim tradition callously coined the 'October Surprise'  was born.

The 11th hour game changer captivates those who crave sudden reversals of fortune.  The whole thing is as insidious, tawdry, and under-handed as the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941

The critical 2012 election may see an October Surprise but then again maybe not.  Pundits, prattlers and talking head getting paid to be right are usually wrong. Here are the three leading contenders as of Oct 22.
  1. Gloria Allred - ambulance chasing left-wing tort maven and menace from Los Angeles.  Gloria is a turd.  And we don't mean that in a kind way.   She gets the dirt from 'clients' or 'sources' as she describes them and farts out the tidbits in a critically timed way in order to exact maximum damage - like about week before an election.  BREAKING NEWS: Allred is headed to Boston to unseal testimony Mitt Romney gave in a court case in Boston.  Laughably this is about a divorce and a woman spurned.  The CEO of Staples and his wife got a divorce and Romney testified what the stocks value was at the time of settlement.  Wow, this one is a stinger - NOT.
  3. Donald Trump - mogul, mouthy, malleable, shape shifter.   BREAKING NEWS: Does Trump have Obama's school and passport records?  Trump offers $5 million to Obama's charity of choice if Obama releases his records before October 31st.  Or what?

  4. Breitbart - For a few weeks has been toying with the idea that Obama will attack Iran as an October Surprise.  The theory assumes this will benefit Obama in some way.  Well today they are running a top site story that seems to give evidence Obama will do exactly that just days before the big day.  Wow!
Now that the bulk of surprises are known for October does anyone care?  Gloria Allred is a troll.  Donald Trump seems to have something but does anyone really care the Obama's are like the Clinton's?  A window dressing marriage for politics?  Seems kinda small compared to the ugly debt and wars Obama has left Romney with in 2013.

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