DNC Abandons Israel

9-4-2012. Well, well, well, well...well.  Some, like the Angle have long contended that the anti-Semites in the USA are primarily members of the left-wing.  The irony being, of course, many Jews are also members of the left-wing.  Jews are smart people in all things EXCEPT politics.

Take notice Jewish brothers and sisters. Whoever stands against, or does not support Israel is anti-Semitic.  The Jewish homeland is a stark physical symbol and hard-won home for Jews worldwide.  The existence of Israel is both a historical (the land sits were Judea once stood) and a moral imperative (Jews get murdered in other countries).

Obama has clearly demonstrated he is no fan of Israel. His behavior toward Israel's leaders, especially toward Benjamin Netanyahu is a disgrace. And Obama is largely responsible for surrounding Israel with the Muslim Brotherhood - the Islamic organization dedicated to Israel's destruction. Obama is even sending another $1 Billion to Egypt - money that goes DIRECTLY into Muslim Brotherhood's hands.

So.  Fast forward to today, to this week, right up to this minute.  The DNC has vacated Israel in the 2012 platform just released. Pro-Israel sections of the 2008 platform have been removed from the 2012 platform—on Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, and Hamas. The rewrite puts Palestinian Arabs first, and aligns with Obama's position that Jerusalem is not part of Israel.

In essence the 2012 platform reflects deep resentment toward Israel - a declaration of distinction by the Democratic Party.

Jews have a responsibility to figure this stuff out. Why? Because history teaches clearly that when Jews fail to pay attention they often pay the ultimate price when wrong.

Update 9-5-2012: DNC Shoves 'Israel' and 'God' Back Into Platform To Delegate Booing
Update 9-6-2012: DNC Platform Takes Israel Back Out Again 

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