Obama Flops In Charlotte

In 2008 Obama told small lies and made big promises.  In Charlotte Obama told big lies and made non-credible promises.

The question in 2008 was simple - skip the little lies and buy the empty promises.  In 2012 Obama can be held accountable.  Obama has a record of broken promises, failure, and lies to cover both.

In 2008 the Democrats had it all and they blew it.  Now in 2012 the country sits in ruins and generations of Americans are staring at the walls.  Voters reacted in the midterms. What will voters say in November?

It remains to be seen.  But before you go to the polls make sure, REAL sure you check your assumptions. Triple-check Obama's rhetoric and record - be objective.  If you don't to it for yourself, do it for your kids.  And if not for them - for the millions of us living next to you who will be affected your decision.

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