Democrats Delusional On The Economy

The economy is in deep doo-doo.  Wages and jobs are down, poverty and misery are up. And Radical Islam is killing US ambassadors a la Carter redux.

So why isn't Romney a full ten points ahead of Obama?

Gallup says confidence in the economy jumped 11% last week to a level close to the first month of Obama's term. 

Both Pew and Gallup say the disconnect between economic facts and economic perception are due to news coverage.
“Just 15% of Democrats say recent economic news is mostly bad, down from 31% a month ago...Republicans (60%) say news about the economy is mostly bad,” Pew writes.

Did you suspect disinformation from the media could influence voters perceptions?  Now you know - it does.  If voters reelect Obama because they mistakenly think the worst economy since the Great Depression is not all that bad, then the USA is doomed.

For those of us that deal in reality our job will be to pack-up and move-out of Obama's bizarro world before the inevitable panic starts even among the numbskulls who don't see it coming.

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