Obama Polls Dictate When Israel Attacks Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu has one job - protect Israel.

Israel knows what's coming.  The tiny country has been in this spot before.  Long odds and frenetic Islamic neighbors make a toxic cocktail.  Israel has a Hobson's choice of course, meaning no real choice at all - do or die.

Iran is intent on developing both nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.  And Iran hates Israel viscerally. So the lines are drawn all over again and the stakes are even higher.

Obama is dictating the timetable for Israel to act.  The weak president has shown a consistent disdain for Netanyahu and for Israel at large.  So, if in October Obama is leading in the polls and appears to be likely to win reelection Israel will be forced into preemptive action.

The buzz in Israel's newspapers suggest Netanyahu will explode a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over Iran. The intense electromagnetic radiation would cook Iran’s electrical grid and bring its oil business, transportation, defense capabilities and nuclear processing facilities to a grinding halt. Iran would fall into economic and actual chaos.  And buy Israel time.

Time?  As long as Obama is president Israel cannot count on the USA.  In a larger sense, Israel has more to lose than the American people while Obama calls the shots.  And with Israel gone and US defenses cut back how long before radical Islam is lobbing nukes onto American cities?

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