Liz Warren Sent Back To Teepee

Elizabeth Warren is a prototypical, menopausal left-wing goon who has claimed Native American status to get jobs in the past, yet has failed to prove her claim.  Ms. Warren gave a 15-minute 'lecture'  at the DNC convention fraught with fits of  pointless platitudinous platform recapitulations and crude class-warfare whining.

For those not following closely, Warren is locking bison horns with Scott Brown in Massachusetts.  Brown himself is no raging conservative of course, their home state blue enough for both of them.  But Warren is molded in the same way that Nancy 'Alzheimer' Pelosi and Patty 'puffer' Murray are shaped.  Three left-wing, pasty white, homely numbskulls spitting at a country tired of their brand of banal liberal lunacy.

Still all three have garnered enough power to be dangerous, and all three symbolize just how crazy someone can be and still get elected in this country.

Warren isn't a Senator quite yet, and if the Gods are paying attention, she won't be after November either. The large Native American caucus at the DNC hunted her down and demanded a pow-wow. But Ms. Warren refused adding credence she is not what she claims.  Warren also failed to mention  her "shared Native American heritage" during her droll and insipid 15-minute sleeper in Charlotte.

Warren deserves disdain.  Not just for having relatives who actually took part in rounding up the Indians during the 'Trail Of Tears' death march under President Jackson, but for carrying water for all that is failure under the current crop of Democrats.

The party of slavery, job losses, subprime housing collapse, and crippling debt needs to be fired.  And justice demands Warren stand in a jobless line alongside the millions her party has placed there sooner, rather than later.

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