40 Days To Prosperity or Peril

In 40 days the USA has a fork in the road similar to 1860.

The same two parties then are the same two parties now.   Will the country pick a future where founders principles are obliterated, personal initiative and freedom lost, and the dark age of decline continue?  Or will the nation put on the brakes and try to right itself before it's too late.

Armageddon?  No.

But make no mistake where we stand.  The GDP skidded back to 1.25% today and factory orders for durable goods dropped an astonishing 13.5%.  The real jobless rate is at least 12%.  Not since the 1930s has there been more poverty and people on government handouts.  Our young are being denied our old are being pushed around.  And the size and power of the federal government has never been larger or more oppressive.

All while the pair in the white house are partying like its 1999 running up vacation and campaign expenses funded by taxpayers totaling a disgraceful $1.5 billion last year.  The deficits, debt, and money printing are a pure formula for a collapsed budget and currency.  Obama is an amateur with an attitude.

More are riding in the wagon than are pulling the wagon resulting in a horse-race that should be a no-brainer but instead is meandering toward a possible reelection of the worst president in the country's history.

Looming wars in the middle east promise to get larger, more dangerous, and more deadly.  Europe is teetering despite their own version of money printing madness.  Russia and China are chomping at the bit growing their military power as Obama reduces the USA's.

The engine of economic growth has been stalled under piles of new regulations and tax threats.  Small business owners say they would not and will not start new business or expand the ones they have now as long as Obama is around.

The fist of fascism clinches tighter around the neck of the nation each day extremists in the Obama regime find new ways to regulate and pound the public into submission.  Forty-days and forty-nights folks...prepare for the worst and be thankful if suddenly the people wake up and act like Americans again and dump this dud.