Bill Clinton's Man Love For Mitt Romney

Bill Clinton is kissing Mitt Romney on the lips.  Why?  Is it because his husky wife Hillary has confessed she is bowing out of politics after November?  Or is it Bill pondering his mortality and hurrying to take a shot at the man that kept him from the Whitehouse husband job he wanted?

The Democrats do seem to be imploding.  Several high profile Democrats have switched to the GOP expressing a range of reaction to Obama's nearly four years of failure from ordinary disappointment to full blown derision.  But when Bill Clinton speaks, the nation still listens.  And Bill is talking, again.

Obama keeps trying to find anyway possible to get reelected without anyone noticing, repeating, or being reminded of his record.  After two pretty awful tries to change the conversation to a phony 'war on women' and over playing the 'Usama head shot' gambit, Obama is turning to bashing Bain Capital and Romney's expertise as a businessman.  But Bill won't play.

On CNN, Bill cited Romney’s career as “sterling.”  And admonished Obama stating,  “I don’t think we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work; this is good work,” Clinton insisted,  “A man who’s been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold” for the presidency.  Yikes!

The jobs report was devastating yesterday. The rate popped back up to 8.2% (really 18.2%). Obama's loud silence and his quick exit from DC speaks volumes.  Now pile on Bill Clinton's endorsement of Mitt Romney. Bill just sucked the wind out of Obama's sails again and the fun part?  Bill has no dog in the race.. 

Barry has to be asking himself the more important question right now, how the hell does he get out of the Whitehouse without humiliating himself so badly he hurts his speaking fees.

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