Apple Computer Suicide Watch

Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks are made in China.  Yawn...

Well, not a yawn quite yet.  First, there is irony and hypocrisy to reiterate, and there is human tragedy and misery to recount. 

The Apple 'cult' that kept Apple in business were followers of the acid-dropping, college dropout Steve Jobs.  Jobs the billionaire in Levi jeans whose schizophrenic style fit perfectly with liberals

Though Apple is a gigantic company the branding image Jobs built appeals to liberal hypocrites.  That of an anti-establishment, even rogue enterprise making products for the 'not windowz guys'.  All myth.  Apple is far larger than Microsoft and dominates large consumer markets like no other.  They ARE the establishment.  And they stink.  Why?

Apple products are made in a huge sweat shop in China.  Apple's contract manufacturer, Foxconn has been zapped for harsh working conditions, suicides and labor unrest at its Chinese plants since 2010.

At least 13 employees died in apparent suicides in 2010, followed by several others in 2011. And today, a 23-year-old Foxconn worker, identified only by his surname Xie, leapt from his rented apartment in the southwest Chinese city of Chengdu.

Of course Apple is not to blame. And those who buy Apple products are not complicit. Are they? Liberals are pretty disgusting when it comes to finding bad smells in their own bunkbeds. They are quick to point their craggy fingers at others, but seem to conveniently forgo such 'humanitarian' concern when it comes to their gadgets. And oh yea, what happened to Made In America?

But heck, that's okay, Apple is different, Apple makes iPhones and the world needs iPhones even if it means killing innocent Chinese workers, right?

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