East Coast Utility Workers Strike

Union strikes are nothing new.  But when utility worker unions strike in the middle of massive power outages threatening millions of lives notice is taken.

Con Ed union talks have broken down. John Melia, union mouthpiece said pensions are the sticking point. Melia noted a May vote has already authorized a strike.

Record heat and heat related storms are knocking out power to millions. The mercury at Reagan National Airport in DC rose to 104 degrees today and nearly two million are without power to run air conditioning. Weather related deaths arise from heat more than any other phenomenon.

As weather is fueled by heat and humidity, wind gusts were as high as 80 mph across Northern Virginia. Lightning is also piercing the skies at record pace. The power grid is under attack and people are at risk.

So why not strike? After all union pensions are on the table and utility workers have miles of downed power lines due to the worst heat since the 1930s to leverage against the public. Combined, union pension liabilities across all the states is soaring way past the $1 trillion mark now. So screw the taxpayers. Lets walk and let grannie fend for herself.

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