Holocaust Survivors Beauty Pageant Winner Crowned

Officially the last day of World War II was May 8, 1945 - 67 years 2 months since VE Day.  But more weeks and months would pass before allied troops found the Holocaust camps and 17 million victims.

The scale and sheer horror of the Holocaust is so large that many are plainly unable to both comprehend and or even believe it happened at all.  But it did.

In Haifa, Israel the miracle of survival continues for 14 finalists (out of 300 registered) in a contest the promoters say is a 'celebration of life.'

Not everyone is happy.  Some want the reality of the Holocaust to be frozen in time, set aside as a bleak and dark hole in human memory, forever associated with death and degradation.

Fine.  But for the women who got all dolled up, put on some nice clothes, laughed with each other, and paraded on a stage to raucous applause - joy replaced tragedy for a few minutes.

These ladies were not competing with each other of course.  They have each already won.  And when the crown was placed on Mania Herman's coiffed head, the crown was perched on all their heads at the same time - in an ethereal wisp of simultaneous glory.

They are here - 67 years later, smiling, laughing, and completing a life denied to millions of others like them.  Congratulations Mania!

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