Online Dating Site Blocks Fat And Ugly

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not on

OkCupid gives 'A-list members' - those who pony up an extra $4.49 and $9.95 - a way to filter people on both the Coyote ugly and Elephantina scales.

For some, the extra cash makes the 'job' of finding a date easier. For others, those likely to lie about themselves anyway, the stigma of being screened out stings a little deeper.

No doubt the site will see lots of cheating by ugly and fat people now. Not that it isn't already a big problem. Remember, no one thinks they're ugly.  And a surprising number of people larger than Jaba the Hut don't 'see' themselves as disgusting fat-bodies, either.

The search is only as good as the data. And the data is the rub, folks. So don't waste your money.  Until you physically sit down in front of your online prize always assume the worst, and hope for the best. Just like it happens in real life!

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