Man Marries Synthetic Woman

Well, it finally happened.

A guy hiding behind the online pseudonym Davecat says he's fed up with what he calls ‘organic women.’ Davecat spends a LOT of time alone of course, well, not entirely alone.

You see Davecat bought himself a couple of $6,000 dolls. He even married one he named Sidore Kuroneko. Fearing for Sidore's sanity he bought a second doll and named it Elena Vostrikova. Elena's job is to to keep Sidore from getting cabin fever waiting for her 'organic' guy to get home from 'organic' work.

Guess what? Davecat has company. The psycho-IT worker belongs to a cult self-named the 'iDollators' or technosexuals. These guys claim their robots and blow-up dolls are able to give them fulfilling and meaningful relationships. You hearing this John Edwards and Bill Clinton?

Crazy Davecat couldn't live with the fact he paid cold cash for the two phantoms, so he made up dating stories to alleviate the problem. He tells himself he met Sidore in a Goth club in 2000 and alleges Elena saw him in a TV documentary and moved from Russia to be with him.

Hopefully the cops have Davecat under surveillance because the guy is due for a major oil change, folks. Maybe a few quarts of Mobil One - synthetic oil.

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