8-Year Old Suspended For Finger Gun Gesture

The knee-jerks at public schools continue to abuse kids in furtive and contumacious ways.

This time it's an 8 year-old who used a finger-gun-gesture that made the administrative bullies convulse. 

Bonnie Bennett said her son, Jordan, was suspended from Harmony Community School in Osceola County, FL.  It seems Jordan committed the capital crime of playing cops and robbers with another student.

'They took a child that has never been in trouble before and went to the extreme,” said Bennett. “A child that has no history of violence is now classified as a violent offender,' Bonnie protested.

Punishing innocent kids creates a false sense of 'doing something' about it is what's really going on.

Impotent, weak, and incompetent adults in positions of authority over kids are a disgrace. So why are they allowed to infest the schools? Oh yea, weak parents just as impotent and just as weak failing to stop them.

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