Texas Students Forced To Recite Mexican Pledge

There is a 'quiet' war being waged by U.S. country haters working in public schools.  Would you be surprised to learn there are schools in Texas where students are forced to sing the Mexican national anthem and pledge allegiance to Mexico?

McAllen, Texas is right on the border and across from Reynosa, Mexico. McAllen schools have a policy that excuses students from reading or knowing the US Declaration of Independence. Worse, the school district prohibits any school from forcing a student to say the American Pledge of Allegiance.

Instead, the Mexican anthem and pledge of allegiance is the standard. And when Brenda Brinsdon's daughter refused to recite the Mexican baloney her teacher, Hispanic Reyna Santos took retribution ultimately flunking her daughter from class.

Mrs Brinsdon is suing. The school district and thus the taxpayer will likely be made to pay for the abuses in the school district.

The larger trend is troubling. The left-wing 'progressive agenda' has infected schools nationwide and they are on a quest to brainwash and turn American kids against their own country.  Sounds radical?  Consider Obama's pal Bill Ayers is one of the leaders of this movement.  Still surprised?

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