Good News Bad News On Male Longevity

The good news. A medical miracle discovery has revealed men can live to 100  after a 5-minute procedure done under local anesthetic.

The bad news.  The 'procedure' is full castration.

Researchers in Korea discovered 13th thru 19th century eunuchs outlived fully testicled peers by a significant margin. The incidence of centenarians among Korean eunuchs is 130 times greater than long-livers in other countries.

Some say the high quality of life inside the palace may be the reason.  But the researchers noted the spayed males spent more time outside the walls of the castle than inside rubbing elbows with the concubines.  And the monarchs who carried a full complement of genitalia to their deathbeds lived about the same average length of time as other fully equipped males.

So, if a long life is really, really extra really important to you - scoot your package onto the chopping block.  The doctor will be right with you.  Better prepare yourself for a life of tenor singing and hard to find well-fitting boxer shorts.  It's gonna get a little breezy down there for the balance of your ride..

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