Men Remove Veinee Drinker's Nose Cosmetically

WC Fields was famous for his bulbous, veinee drinker's nose.  Fields was indeed a heavy drinker and died of an alcohol-related stomach hemorrhage.

Boozing to excess batters the liver and destroys the brain. The after-effects also turn the nose and face into a swamp of water-logged tissue and little red veins. It's like a billboard flashing 'sucking the sauce is my life' kinda signage.

To counteract the telltale carnage men are getting their noses ground down and the veins removed at a record pace now.  Not so much for vanity but to fend off retribution from bosses who may suspect heavy drinking.

Dr Peter Finigan, vein removal specialist says, 'Some of our patients have said they believe they are being overlooked for promotion or failing to win jobs because of the stigma associated with a red nose...'

And guess how Peter does it? With microwaves. The patient-sot lays under a medical microwave machine and the veinee culprits are 'cooked' off.

Oh, you were eating your lunch? Sorry.