US East Coast Earthquake Threatens Nuclear Waste

The media is missing a major story.  Obama and Reid together have allied to shutdown the National Repository for Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain, NV.;

Nuclear waste is being stored at nuclear power plant facilities nationwide due to this disruption in decades of planning.

Last week’s central Virginia earthquake caused 25 spent-fuel storage casks — each weighing 115 tons — to move on their concrete pad at Dominion Virginia Power’s North Anna nuclear power plant.

Nuclear plant operators originally anticipated that spent fuel would be reprocessed, with usable portions of the fuel recycled and the rest disposed of as waste.  This would have been done at the Yucca Mountain facility, but all that changed with Obama was elected, and after years of obstructing and maneuvering by Harry Reid.

Now we have a national crises brewing.  These wet and dry storage facilities are in "temporary" steel tanks and bunkers, never intended to deal with the growing stockpile of nuclear waste.