Nevada No. 1 - Biggest Loss Of Income

In 2010 Nevada suffered an 11.9% drop in real median household income. The current year is even worse, anticipate another 12-13% drop.

Nationally, since Obama took over, incomes have dropped 10% per year, 20% so far, and going further down.

Other Nevada grim statistics:  13.4% jobless rate, more than 250,000 homes lost to foreclosure, more than 150,000 jobs lost, and the median value of a home has dropped 40%.

Obama says no middle-class tax hikes; losing income is the worst kind of "tax hike" anyone can experience, its a cut right off the top, and right in the heart.

These statistics are old news, and as they continue to get worse, the economic reality of Obama's spending failures may also finally sink-in.  The wealth and prosperity the nation had before the Democrats destroyed housing and wiped out the economy is nearly gone - 2012 is more critical than ever.

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