Obama’s Campaign Throws Gays ‘Under The Bus’

North Carolina’s gay community has been “thrown under the bus” to help President Barack Obama win the critical state in November 2012, local gay activists told The Daily Caller.

The issue is over a 'definition of marriage' amendment being brought to the NC state legislature.  The scheduling of which has been manipulated so Obama doesn't have to face the issue in the November 2012 time period.  The issue is being moved up to May 2012.

Obama “does not want to go into North Carolina — a swing state he captured in 2008 —to talk about marriage,” said Heather Cronk, the D.C. representative for GetEQUAL, which opposed the amendment. “He thinks he can’t win on that … [but] its seems unbelievable that the Democratic Party in North Carolina, the Democratic National Committee and the president would all roll over at the same time and stack the deck against us.”

Advocates of rights for gays say they could have defeated the amendment in November, but they see little chance of winning in May.

Obama has been busy violating his oath of office by refusing to defend the federal law already passed, known as DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  Obama's crazy tightrope walk on this issue is one of the most garish examples of Obama hypocrisy - given Obama's alleged pious religious belief system and the zig-zag his administration plays over Gay rights and privileges.