Two-Headed House Cat Lives Twelve Years

Frank on one side, Louie on the other the cat was born with two faces, two mouths, two noses, three eyes — and an owner with a ghoulish sense of humor.   

They kept him-them-they around for twelve years - entering the Guinness World Records book.

The owner, Marty Stevens, "rescued" him-they from a shelter just prior to euthanizing - rescued?  "Every day is kind of a blessing; being twelve and normal life expectancy when they have this condition is one to four days," Stevens said, stroking Frank and Louie's soft fur as he sat on her lap purring. "So, he's ahead of the game; every day I just thank God I still have him."

It turned out she didn't have to worry about him choking, because Frank and Louie used just one of his mouths to eat.  How convenient.

The world we live in...millions of healthy human kids aborted without a thought, but there needs to be an extraordinary effort to save a two-headed monster of a cat, after all, its a kitty-kitty.  Apologize for the cynical tone, but saving a two headed cat, and thanking God to boot?  C'mon.