Coffee Shop's Rape Sign?

Leftists came up with 'safe spaces' to suppress free speech.   And soon after coined 'rape culture' to demonize white males.

The two concepts came together when a Brooklyn coffee shop mounted a humorous bathroom sign, left.

'How is anyone supposed to feel safe?' wrote Instagram user arteye. 'You're normalizing rape culture and sexual assault against women or any person who would be bothered by someone peeking in on them in the bathroom."

Clever Roast owner Luca Tesconi says, 'I like to make jokes, so I googled funny bathroom signs.' 

Wife Nadia Tesconi suspects the much-ado-doo-about-nothing kicked-off when a customer got upset laptops are not allowed during busy times.

But after death threats started the Tesconi's took the sign down.  And oh yea, laptops are still not allowed during busy times.