Sex Games & Circular Saws

Gabrielle Punder swears she's a victim of an "unpremeditated act of desperation."

Seems she "survived" a scintillating life of salacious shenanigans subsisting of a savage, stormy, sordid, over-titillated, servile sex sport forced upon her from age sixteen by her victim, Sebastian H.

And as the tale unwinds in one particularly fierce and fateful session back in 2008 she says she snapped and ran a circular saw thru Sebastian's chest.    Apparently the pair were doing a little remodeling and the saw was coincidentally handy at the moment of truth.

Shocked and befuddled she then claims she dispatched the rest of the body by sawing off his head, butchering his torso and burying it in the couple's Munich backyard.

Ah, but that was then.  Now, nine years later she's on trial and has some seriously stiff  'splain'n to do...