Hillary: Ima Woman You Owe Me

The USA is at a critical crossroad.  One way (Hillary) leads to corruption, incompetence, cronyism and collapse.  The other (Trump) leads to rebuilding and rebirth.

Hillary will extend and deepen Obama's record debt, poverty and stalled economy and combine them to collapse the currency and the country.

What has Obama done?
  • The current GDP is 1.2%...Obama's has had no GDP over 3%, a first.  
  • The Debt will be near $21 trillion in Jan 2017...more than doubled and a record.
  • Over 70% of the population are collecting a government entitlement check.  
  • More than 94 million are out of the workforce, never higher.
  • Half of those working have wages lower today than in 1968.  
  • Obama has 50 million on food stamps, never higher.
  • More young adults are living with their parents now than since the Great Depression.  
  • The middle class is obliterated shrinking in 9 of 10 major cities.
  • 70% of working families have just $500 saved for an emergency.
  • Home ownership has not been lower than since the Great Depression
  • Obamacare is a complete disaster with 21 of 25 coopts bankrupt and rates doubled.
  • For first time more businesses die than are born in the USA.
  • Violent crime has spiked in every major US city.  And race relations are worse than in the 60s.
  • Eight Islamic terror attacks on US soil with almost 100 dead and 400 injured.
 Will Hillary spin, deflect and disinform well enough to fool all of the people one last time?