Cheese Sandwich Rage

Jobless, 6-2, 180lbs James De Paola, 55, attacked his wife Michelle because she was “using three slices of cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich, [after he said she] could make a grilled cheese sandwich with two pieces of cheese...” 

Once the cheesy cuisine was handed to De Paola the hothead threw the fare on the floor (rather than scrape half off) and started yelling and spitting in his wife's face.

Michelle told their nine-year-old girl to dial 911 but De Paola yanked the phone out of the wall.  The quick thinking girl ran outside and made the call on her mom's cell phone.

De Paola was charge with obstruction of a 911 call, criminal trespass/damage to property, and domestic violence.  Wonder if Jimmie likes jell-o-cups and cold baloney sandwiches?  That's jail food.