Black Panthers Land Grab

The New Black Panthers started back in 1989 in a Texas prison cell.  But members of the original Black Panther Party from the 60s say the group is bogus, "There is no new Black Panther Party."

Apparently the old Panthers didn't copyright the name.   Despite the argument the 'new' guys don't look or act much different from the old guys.

Unlike the 60s crew who didn't do much more than run drugs in Oakland and kill few cops.  The new loud-mouths also want their own country.

NBP National Minister of Defense Babu Omowale says,  "...the endgame is our own government in a nation within a nation. Okay. So we claim the states of Louisiana...Mississippi...South Carolina...Alabama...[and] Georgia."

Maybe President Trump can meet them half way.  But instead of giving them the South he can give them a few old Vietnam era PT boats and they can attack Cuba.   That way we get rid of Castro and they get a run-down island where they can rape and pillage all they want.