20,000 Lesbians In Palm Springs

The Hilton in Palm Springs is hosting the 26th annual "lesbian's" only Dinah (named after the Dinah Shore golf tourney) pool party this week.

North of 20,000 muff-divers from every corner of the world are bounding in for the binge drinking, debauchery, carnal contact and lascivious lounging in the sun.

The only men around are on the hotel staff or are being dragged there by a lesbian pal.

Dinah Shore wasn’t a lesbian but golf is a sport acceptable to the husky female persuasion. 

Still, golf is not on the agenda for the party of course, they come for the "girls."   Butch, femme, old, young, gold stars, bi, black, white, hardcore, and normcore (whatever that is).

“People think we just sit at home in sensible shoes reading feminist theory to our cats,” says 26-yo Ceecee.  Being able to strip off at the Dinah is a freeing experience for  these gals; a chance to embrace and celebrate sex in a safe place - and with a LOT of other girls.

Don't even think about it guys....these butch sun-bathers really, really, really don't wanna see you even pretending to get near the pool.