Bad Haircut Bad Blood

San Diegoan Adrian Blanchce Swain, 29, not pictured left, happily paid barber Manny Montero for a $20 haircut and left a $20 tip.

An hour later, Swain swung back to the shop to complain about the 'do.' When Manny failed to placate Adrian she pulled out a gun and tried to fire three times at the unyielding barber, but the gun jammed.

Montero and co-barber Chris Tatum tackled Swain. Tatum says, 'When she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with.'

Tatum said the cops found razors inside Swain's car and had apparently 'shaved her [own] hair'.

Holy crap-on-a-cracker Adrian, you do know it grows back, right?