Top Ten Dogs Insurers Deny

Insurance companies wanna know what kind of dog you have before you get signed up for homeowners and renters coverage.

Why?  Because insurance companies are in the business of putting a price tag on risk.  And paying for your poor choice of pet is not in their vocabulary.

So you don't think you need or want homeowners insurance?  Then you can forget getting a mortgage loan; banks will insist.

And that's where your pet you pick becomes a problem.

The top ten dogs inflicting the lion share of 1000 bites per day are:
  1. Pit Bulls and Mix.  Between 1982-2013 these menaces have killed 275 people and maimed 1808. Yet the ASPCA says they get a bad rap.
  2. Rottweilers.  Killed 81, maimed 294.
  3. Alaskan and Siberian Huskies. Killed 25, maimed 30.
  4. Wolf Hybrids. Killed 20, maimed 50.
  5. Bull Mastiff (presa canario).  You get the idea...
  6. German Shepard
  7. Chow Chows.
  8. Akita.
  9. Boxer.
  10. Doberman Pinschers.
Ah, but those cute little viscous, frothing, snarling, unpredictable, bred to kill pit pulls are so cuddly, huh numbnuts...

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