Knife Wielding Homeless Man Hides Under Child's Bed

Remember the bogey man?  Laying there in a cold sweat pretty darn sure someone's behind the darkened door, or worse, coiled up under the bed ready to attack you in the middle of the night?

While dad was away, the kids were curled up with mom on her bed.  Suddenly the muffled sound that grabs your groin broke the silence of the darkened house.

“I picked the billy club up that I keep by my bed when my husband is away, and I got up from the bed, dialed 911 and turned the hall light on,” mom later told the cops.

The cops found Kenneth Webb, 56, who was indeed hiding under one of the kid'd beds. Ken had a knife and a jewelry box and some change on him and admitted he had cut through the screen to gain entry to the house.

Webb was charged with two counts of burglary and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Now doncha feel kinda silly telling your kids there's no such thing as a bogey man?  Oh, and mom?  Better swap the billy club for a gun, Kenny had a knife ya know...