'None Of The Above' Wins Nevada Democrat Governor Primary

Tumor Harry Reid runs the Democrat party in Nevada with the same bull-dyke bullying he dishes out in the Senate.

When asked how Democrats would challenge first-term GOP incumbent Brian Sandoval, Reid was quick to spit, 'We are going to be competitive in all of the state offices –– from controller up to governor.'

Then came last Tuesday and the primary preliminaries.

Who won the Democrat Party nomination to face Sandoval?  Get ready to start crying-laughing at the same time.  Sandoval will be facing 'None Of The Above.'

That's right, Nevada is unique since 1976 offering voters a way to reject any and all candidates on a ballot.  So it appears Harry better get home and do some bitch-slapping in his home state.

In a distant second place was the obscure and sure loser Robert Goodman, a retired state civil servant.  Since "None Of The Above" can't win under state law, Goodman gets to pretend he can unseat the popular GOP Sandoval.

Dunno about you, but the Angle is tingling all over waiting to watch Harry get his ass handed to him all over again in November.