Hillary Tells Secret Service Agent 'get the fuck away from me'

We at the Angle think Hillary Rodham Clinton is a disease that won't go away.  Sadly the media is playing lap dog to the Clinton's again covering all of Hillary's boring and absurd antics.

So why do it too?  Because the story on the laser 'hair helmet' and the daily outrage from Obama are even more boring.

FBI and former Secret Service agent Gary Aldridge has written a book entitle 'Unlimited Access' detailing his work protecting both Bush presidents and Bill Clinton.

Gary says Hillary was indeed the Hun in a housecoat. Let's revisit the raunchy, retaliatory, rancid woman who famously pretended she didn't know Bill was staining staff dresses with his man-juices.

'Stay the fuck away from me! Just fucking do as I say...' Gary says Hillary snapped at an agent who refused to carry her luggage. Hillary was said to have also thrown a book at the back of the head of another agent. She was ungrateful for their service and treated them as if they were hired help.

Why care now? Goes to character folks. This is the woman that would be president, and no doubt the years have not made her more amendable or more affable. Picture the 'what difference does it make' monster lurking inside that amorphous body today...

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