Gap Between Rich And Poor Doubled

Obama likes to play card games.  Obama has emptied the deck on the race, gender, illegals, and class division cards.  Obama has fanned the flames of economic divisions yet he has failed to help those that he conned into voting for him.

The gap between the poor, middle class and the rich has doubled thanks to a crap jobs market and a bubble in the stock market.

In 2007, 5% of Americans had 16.5 times the median household.  By 2013 the top 1% have 24 times the media household.

Worse? Median household wealth declined 43% in the same period thanks to lower wages and still stagnant housing prices.
Just 10% of households own 80% of stocks.  Homeowners are underwater again, 20% still owe more than their houses are worth, and 50% are paying over 30% of their incomes on house payments.

With 94 million out of the job market, and 50 million below the poverty why do some still use the word 'recovery'?  Oh yea, they are liberal liars.

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