Dog Vomits Wedding Ring Lost For Five Years

Five years ago, Lois Matykowski lost her wedding ring. But no one suspected Tucker had it 'till he coughed it up a week ago.

"He's known in the family to be the food burglar," said Lois.

Two weeks ago Lois and her granddaughter were feasting on Popsicles when Tucker snapped the one in her hand and swallowed it whole.

Apparently the sugar hit and the Popsicle stick were too much for Tucker and he up-chucked a his own weight of indescribable stuff two days later.

But wait, what the hell is that in the middle of the goop? Matykowski's wedding ring, the one that disappeared five years ago. When the ring disappeared Lois said, "I was devastated, how do you replace something like that?

The vet theorized the Popsicle stick dislodged the matrimonial band stuck inside the hapless hound for half a decade. Hoping to find other hardware disappearing over the years, the vet took a series of x-rays, but bubkiss.

Despite Tucker being a jewel thief, Matykowski carries no grudge. "I'm just elated," she said. "He threw up on the carpeting and I don't even care."

Still, the prudent parent will keep Tucker away from the kids toys just in case...