40 Million Americans Losing Homes, Again

Obama seems hellbent on driving just about everyone, blacks included, into a poverty, homelessness, joblessness, and a subsistence existence.  Why?  Cricket sound...

Remember the subprime housing crash that created the Great Recession?  Did you think it ended because Obama said so?

Today, right now, this minute even after six years of pretending to fix it, there are forty million Americans on the edge of losing their homes, again.  And even more horrifying?  Obama already has fifty million in poverty and a record one million living on the streets without a home.

Are you next?  What will you do?  How about learn to live in your car? In that vein, the Angle offers seventeen ways to make the experience less humiliating and not even close to enjoyable.
  1. get a car and don't sleep in the trunk
  2. get a P.O. Box so you can get government mail
  3. get an EBT (Food Stamps) card delivered to your P.O Box
  4. get earplugs (and spares when they fall under the gas pedal)
  5. get permission to use a high school shower (not during classes)
  6. get out of the car during the day so it doesn't look like you live in it
  7. get an ice chest for clothes (you won't need a safe, you are broke)
  8. get some jumper cables to mooch jumps when your battery dies
  9. get garbage bags for your dirty clothes and save up for laundry day
  10. get out of the car to pee and poop if not near a toilet
  11. don't store food unless you wanna live with ants, snakes and roaches
  12. don't yell at people from inside your car, get out and do it
  13. don't ask a cop for a light, a tow, or spare change
  14. don't run your engine to keep warm or you'll never move again
  15. don't park near train tracks, sports stadiums or your old house
  16. don't be afraid, the other cars are full of people just like you
  17. don't let Obama drive you out of your house in the first place
Feel better now? No?  Wow, you must be hard to please.